Grace: noun – unconditional love, compassion & kindness. To be gracious in both life’s triumphs & challenges. To lead with gratitude.
Grace Red Blend
The Grace G7 Red Blend Client

The Grace G7 Red Blend

The Grace G7 red blend was created in a special collaboration between Marco & Monica Gonzales and Noviello Vineyards in honor of Linda Zender – an amazing mother, wife, and friend. Linda succumbed to Multiple Systems Atrophy in 2021. In her lifetime and especially her battle, Linda taught us all the true meaning of grace as she exemplified unconditional love & gratitude. We carry on her legacy by enjoying incredible wine, striving to give one another grace, and continuing to fight MSA.

Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) is a rare neurodegenerative disease that affects the body’s autonomic (involuntary) functions such as breathing, blood pressure, and motor control. MSA causes deterioration and shrinkage of portions of the brain. As the condition progresses, daily activities become increasingly difficult, and expected lifespan is typically 7-10 years after diagnosis. At this time, there is no cure or treatment for the disease – more research is needed.

With each bottle purchase, a percentage will be donated to Defeat MSA. Help us to fund research, support those who are still in this battle, and beat MSA.